Brian Sooy : Luckey Haskins and the Zoo Adventure

Luckey Haskins and the Zoo Adventure

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44 pages




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July 15, 2016



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When every day can appear ordinary to a young child, it takes a little magic to make it an adventure.

Luckey Haskins is a boy to whom magical things happen on very ordinary days. When Luckey and his Mom go to the zoo on a hot summer day, adventure follows when Luckey's wish turns into reality, and something unexpected happens. Discover the magic that turns mischievous shadows and monkey business into a surprise that changes Luckey forever!

With interactive questions and unbelievable situations (or so they seem), this story will encourage your child to use their imagination (and maybe, just maybe) unlock yours. Reading it is fun, whether it's at story time or bedtime.

Luckey Haskins stories are kid tested and parent approved.

Luckey Haskins and the Zoo Adventure features whimsical illustrations by Ned Bustard.

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Editorial Reviews

5 Star Amazon Reviews!

“We love this book! It is the perfect wind down to bedtime story because it encourages the parent and child to dig in to their imaginations together. To be honest, I think my wife and I love it as much as our toddler son.”

“Our 3 boys loved Luckey's adventure. I read a portion each night for about a week and they simply couldn't wait until bed time the next night to find out what happened. Great for getting Dads to read to their kids.”

“My 7 yr old daughter really enjoys this book. I read this to her before bedtime and she just loved it. It is an excellent book for any child. I highly recommend it.”

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