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Rob Bell, Henri Nouwen, Peter Rollins, Nadia Bolz-Weber, Richard Rohr

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About the Author

Brian Niece is a former pastor, who was a former actor, now navigating the fringes of all things institutional. He's a storyteller who communicates to and for outsiders, outliers, and people on the fringes, inspiring them to speak truth to power and live sacramentally in order to reimagine their stories. He hosts the Reimagining podcast which centers around conversation that rethinks ourselves, our culture, our faith ... maybe everything.

Brian is a PhD Candidate in Humanities, holds the MA in Theology, and the BA in Theatre Arts and English Literature. He spent a decade in professional theatre before going to seminary and trying his hand at pastoring in several large and small churches. Along the way, he managed a homeless shelter and taught public high school. His diverse journey and background have afforded a unique perspective for narrating the complexities and wonders of faith, philosophy, and culture.