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August 1, 2014



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Good looking, sexy, superstar actor, TJ Hartwell, grew up with an abusive mother and an absent father. Then one day, he decides to find him. When his father, Tony, agrees to meet him for the first time in 25 years, their night together turns into something neither one of them could have foreseen or predicted. It's a night full of accusations and denials and sobering lessons with twists and turns that take both men far off course what either of them could have seen coming. As they try to find a way to reconcile, TJ and Tony confess things to each they have never told another living soul and reveal bombshells that are mind blowing to both. "TJ" is about all of us: sons and daughters, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers. It is unprecedented access into a very private and profound conversation between two men who will find out more about themselves and each other in one night than they have in 25 years.

"TJ" is raw and honest depicting a very adult meeting of the minds between a father and son who are trying to get to know each other after 25 years apart and their differing points of view on almost everything sparks a no-holds barred conversation.

Editorial Reviews


In TJ by Boris Beedle, TJ Hartwell -- a
dashing young actor, with a bitter and angry disposition in life --
will find himself in an overly eventful night he has never expected
until now. He will come face to face with the bitterness and sadness of
his childhood. Now, after 25 years, his
father Tony agrees to meet with him. One can only imagine how both men
are pushed to their boundaries as shocking confessions are spilled. For the first time in a long time,
they begin to unravel the heart of the problems of the broken family
they have been trying to escape.

Boris Beedle delivers an interesting book in TJ. Despite being
confronted by an angry tone, reading TJ is worthwhile. Once the
characters' backgrounds have been laid out, it's hard not to empathize
with them. Just as much as both father and son are pushed to their edge
and into reflection, so are its readers. One cannot avoid examining
one's relationships with one's natural family after closing the last
page. Readers themselves will feel the palpable tension between the two
men as they stay with the characters in their night of confrontation in a
narrative that's fast paced. TJ is certainly a good book to keep in
your collection.

---- Reader's Favorite

I really enjoyed Beedle's writing. He is a very smart man and knows how to write well. Beedle's writing is fantastic.

----- Online Book Club

I don't know who Boris Beedle is but I do think he is connected to the
entertainment industry in some way. He sure knew a lot about it. I
don't keep track of the entertainment industry or celebrities but I
think he knew more than the average bear.

If you want a book that will make you think.... this is the one for you.

----- Goodreads

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