Bob Marsocci : You Exhaust Me, A Clueless Guy's Guide to Marriage

You Exhaust Me, A Clueless Guy's Guide to Marriage

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Why a marriage guide for clueless guys? Do you really have to ask?

About 2 million guys get married every year in the United States alone, and many (perhaps most) have no clue about the world they will enter once they say, “I do.”

Does a newlywed guy know the 10 Fatal Words his wife will spring on him days before her birthday? Does a guy know why he should never throw away his wife’s “bag of bags”? Does he know why he should avoid watching romance movies with his wife once he’s been married for a couple of years? No, no, and most definitely no! Millions of men are clueless about what to expect from marriage and need practical advice from a guy who has been there and seen it all.

Candid and humorous, You Exhaust Me, A Clueless Guy’s Guide to Marriage, speaks directly to clueless men everywhere. With more than 20 years’ experience (and counting) as a husband, Bob Marsocci provides valuable insight on what guys should really expect after the wedding rings go on. Whether you are engaged, a newlywed or have been married for several years, Bob’s personal and often hilarious marital anecdotes and lessons (often learned the hard way) will enlighten any guy. Take it from a formerly clueless guy: If you want to avoid hearing “You exhaust me!” from your wife, read this book. It’s got the secret sauce to keeping her (and you) happy.

Editorial Reviews

Five Stars: Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

"You Exhaust Me is a funny take on marriage. This book is a real page-turner that keeps you entertained throughout all the topics. This marriage survival guide provides unconventional guidance and helpful advice about some of the common things you can expect from your wife. Bob is very observant in relationships and the difference between men and women. I advise every couple to read You Exhaust Me and you’ll find yourself agreeing with his observations."

--- Barbara Fanson, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews

Four Stars: Bright Copy Book Review

"I was laughing out loud. I want to thank the author for the shout out to women in the beginning of the book. I related so much to the birthday chapter, it’s unreal.The hall passes at the end of the book were a really cute idea, and much needed. All in all, this book was fully entertaining."

-- Alyssa Campbell, Bright Copy Book Review

"You Exhaust Me was a light, humorous, fun, entertaining book. I just loved the author's writing style. Although the book cover states it is "A Clueless Guy's Guide to Marriage", I believe anyone thinking about marriage or already married would get something out of this book."

-- Lisa Holloway, A Book and a Cup of Tea Blog

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