B.J. Keeton : Birthright


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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fiction & Literature

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Brandon Sanderson, John Scalzi, Chuck Wendig, Ernest Cline, Hugh Howey

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Print Length

400 pages

Publication Date

April 2013



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Damien Vennar used to be a god.

As a technomage, Damien had the power to create entire universes. Then, five hundred years ago, he gave it all up. He suspended the nanotechnology in his bloodstream and began to age—and eventually die—like anyone else. For centuries, Damien has lived among those who once worshiped him, his real identity fading into myth and legend.

Hundreds of years later, when Ceril Bain finds Damien’s old sword buried in his grandfather's garden, he is put on the fast-track to follow in Vennar's footsteps. Over the next six years, Ceril trains as a technomage aboard the Inkwell Sigil, a space academy with the ability for interdimensional travel. Just as Ceril is preparing to undergo his Rites and finish his training, the Inkwell Sigil loses power. Stranded in space, Ceril and four of his classmates are given their final assignment: explore uncharted territory, find a way home, and bring back the one person who can fix the ship—Damien Vennar himself.

While away, Ceril and his team find themselves in a predicament when they confuse an attempt at first contact with an alien race as attack. His team's space marines kill two of the world’s winged inhabitants, and the entire team is then captured and imprisoned. The only thing keeping them alive is their angel-like captors’ belief they may be the subjects of an ancient prophecy about a group of magic-wielding messiahs. But that’s impossible. Isn’t it?

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