26 Prolific Authors : Be Prolific in 2015

Be Prolific in 2015

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99u, Jeff Goins, Bob Goff, Eugene Cho, Tyler Ward

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Prolific (adj.): producing much fruit, producing many works, high-scoring, plentiful, abundant, creative, productive, inventive.

Our cups were meant to run over, not with material goods necessarily, but with action-values such as generosity, gratitude, compassion, and celebration. Powerful words that prompt a way of life, prompt community engagement, and shift our perspective to our blessings rather than our lack.

26 Christian innovators came together, motivated to talk about this new definition for success. They each contributed 500 words, a headshot, and a bio. This book is for you if:

  1. You work hard everyday, only to end up in the same spot as you were before.
  2. You see successful people, and want to find the same thing for your own life, but don't even know where to get started
  3. Every time you've tried to change, it hasn't stuck, and so you don't even try anymore.
  4. You ask yourself the question, "Am I ever going to be really good at anything?"
  5. You're ready to live with more elements of compassion, celebration, gratitude, and generosity in your life!

It’s Time to Do Success Different!

Wait, Isn’t That a Grammar Mistake? - It’s true, grammatically the sentence should read, “Do Success Differently,” but we were trying to make a subtle and artistic point that we mean business. We’re serious about doing things differently, so much so that we’re willing to break grammar rules to do it.


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