Benjamin Vrbicek : Lost in December: A Short Story

Lost in December: A Short Story

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December 1, 2015



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LOST IN DECEMBER is a short story about returning to life after a miscarriage.

Over the years, it has surprised me to learn how many couples have had one, or even several, miscarriages. For Brooke and I, it's been 4 years. And it's still hard.

In the story, a husband and wife (Joshua and Allison), as well as their other young children, learn what it means to move on after a losing a child.

Here's an excerpt:

* * *

It had been a cold day in December, and not just for Tucson. It was made worse by the way it forced itself on us. No one had the right coats with them; it had been warm when we woke up.

Allison and I hadn’t talked all day, and we had driven to the Christmas party separately. She had errands, and I had work to finish. But now we made the brief walk from our separate cars to the restaurant together. “I’m glad you could come, sweetie. Did the babysitter show up?” I asked Allison.

“It’s cold. Let’s just get inside.”

That day, even the foothills, which never have snow, were white. My wife had goose bumps. As I held the door open for her, I commented that I didn’t remember coming to this restaurant before. She said they were all the same.

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