Barnaby Hazen : Seven Eleven Forgotten and Other Stories

Seven Eleven Forgotten and Other Stories

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Seven Eleven Stories

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The innovative use of convenience store phenomena weaves these nine strange tales together. The book follows a recurring character throughout the collection, Alex Aronovich, whose knack for romantic folly plagues him from Los Angeles to Moscow.

Other stories (such as "A TIA for Gia," and "Princess 7") dance eclectically and playfully around the convenience store theme--as a painter's subject used repeatedly, from never the same point of view.

Editorial Reviews

...the more I read, the more I loved this strange new world where Alex roams between reality and hallucination. From Los Angeles to
Moscow, he trails his angst, a confused and essentially hedonistic
character who becomes infatuated with the women he meets. Relationships
are unstable. Dialogue is disjointed. Understanding is flawed.

Alex lives in a world where danger
threatens at every turn. He becomes a drug runner for a group of
chilling individuals, but is only partially aware of his potentially
hazardous situation. He drinks to excess and has a devil-may-care
attitude, although at times it seems to be his naivety that carries him
through. He is rather like the person who wanders through the middle of a
bar brawl and comes out unscathed.

Alex is a mess. He observes places and people with the eye of a camera,
missing the numerous clues that ring alarm bells in the reader's head...
...Seven Eleven Forgotten and Other Stories is
the work of Barnaby Hazen and I have to say that, although the language
frequently reads like a translation (reminiscent of Anais Nin's
convoluted style), it worked its magic on me and drew me in. I love a
book that dares to be different. And I love a book that captures my
imagination so thoroughly that it stops me doing anything useful until
I'm finished. --Bev Spicer, Author

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