Barnabas Smith : Movement & Repose

Movement & Repose

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Langston Hughes, Saul Williams, T.S. Eliot, poetry

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August 2012



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“You are less revealing than Amish pornography.” - from Drop Lightning Like It’s Hot

Movement & Repose is poet Barnabas Smith’s debut book. Covering themes of teen angst and coming to terms with adulthood, Movement & Repose presents coming of age at the turn of the millennium in the form of poetry. Through this journey, there is a cast of characters that is encountered along the way, from a homeless Napoleon to the Divine, Smith responds in challenging ways. <em style="font-size: 14.4px;">Movement & Repose is about being honest with ourselves in dealing with life, with all its highs and lows. This collection chronicles the movement from child to adult and the repose found in surrendering ourselves to a higher purpose.

Editorial Reviews

"Barnabas Smith, native Southern Californian, and incurable vagabond-- has a sense of constant duality that only comes from a background of internalizing and observing his lifelong construct of living both within and outside of the world we see (Though he does not address his family history, it is something that does play into his outlook and innate ability to synthesis ideas and concepts that are both elegant and frustratingly simple once put to page in novel ways)." Jshidler, Amazon review of Movement & Repose (2012).

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