Barbara Hartzler : The Nexis Secret

The Nexis Secret

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Children & Teens, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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---2016 I Heart Indie Finalist, Young Adult Fiction---

Angels. A Seer. A secret struggle.

Lucy McAllen was your typical snarky teen, until she got shipped off to boarding school in New York City. Now she's unraveling a centuries-old mystery hidden behind the scenes. And discovering powers she never knew she had.

Lucy's parents want her to join the elite Nexis Society so she can get into Yale. Fortunately, the Nexis president offers Lucy a guaranteed spot in their ranks. But her parents didn't mention another secret society on campus, the Guardians. Their leader claims Nexis has a bigger agenda than mere Ivy League acceptance. Why are two Romeos battling for Lucy's heart and allegiance?

Because she's having strange visions of a supernatural variety. Shadows. Prophetic scenes. Angels of pure light. Not your garden-variety daydreams. Maybe she's The Seer, with a gift both societies have waited 100 years to find. Can a girl who sees the supernatural stop one society's twisted plan?

If you like intrigue, sass, and life or death choices, The Nexis Secret is for you. This coming of age novel blurs the lines of high school with angels and spiritual warfare. It's a fast-moving, visually-descriptive fantasy full of action, adventure, and romance that really makes you think.

Making a splash in Clean Paranormal Romance, one reviewer called The Nexis Secret, "The best paranormal book of 2015."

Buy it today for your chance to enter the secret world of The Nexis Society.

Editorial Reviews

"One of the best paranormal books of 2015." -5-Star Amazon Review

"Full of intrigue, sass, and life or death choices, The Nexis Secret will keep young readers turning pages long past their bedtime." -Stephanie Morrill, YA author of the awarding-winning Ellie Sweet series

"A YA paranormal romance that blurs the lines of prep school with
angels and spiritual warfare. Cool battle scenes ... well described characters .. nicely done setting and world building." -Janelle Fila, Readers' Favorite

"It has scary parts, action, adventure, romance and really makes you think. I couldn't put it down! It is like Nancy Drew, This Present Darkness and several other books combined, but remains unique unto itself." -Lori, 5-Star Amazon Review

"The writing was crisp, the characters well-developed. I found the premise to be interesting from the very first page. I was impressed by the finesse exhibited by such a new author." -Sharon Hughson, Author

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