Barbara Ellen Brink : Chosen (Amish Bloodsuckers #1)

Chosen (Amish Bloodsuckers #1)

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Jael is an average teenage girl with over-protective parents, an unrequited crush on the hottest guy at school, and a best friend she shares everything with. Until her parents let her in on the secret they’ve kept for nearly sixteen years… Jael is the Chosen One. Born to be a vampire slayer, her destiny was written in the Book of the Shunned. She's been chosen by God to set the Minnesota Loon Lake Amish community free from the grip of the Bishop, an ancient and powerful bloodsucker who has been using the Amish people for his own personal Jamba Juice. Will she leave her friends and all she knows and follow her destiny to Minnesota willingly, or will the Bishop bring her destiny to Sunburn, Nevada?

Editorial Reviews

"I really like Jael. The author was able to make her a typical teen, with everyday worries and baggage, and also with a secret life as a vampire slayer, and made it believable and really fun. The bloodsuckers are nasty, Jael is double tough, her family is fiercely devoted and her friends are loyal. There are some tender moments in this story and a whole lot of humor. You'd expect that with the title Amish Bloodsuckers! It's all in good fun, but there is some serious slaying too! Jael didn't go through all of that training for nothing. I felt some Buffy and Little Red Riding Hood in this story." ~Laura's Ramblings & Reviews

"I love teen lit, but don't usually go in for paranormal. Twilight was totally NOT my thing, but this…. is exciting and fun! Brink's writing is strong, with no wasted words and lots of authentic personality. I liked the heroine, Jael, and look forward to seeing how this series plays out. I usually start with an ebook, and if I really like it, I'll get the paperback. I'll be ordering the whole trilogy in paperback now. I work with teens all the time, and I know they'd find all the characters very relatable, the humor just right, and the action….well, awesome. Jael's got moves! As a martial arts person myself, I appreciated her prowess. I also appreciated Brink's ability to describe vampire slaying battles without all kinds of gore or foul language. It takes talent to build suspense--and even moments of romance--without resorting to gratuitously explicit scenes." ~Lia London, Chief Admin. & reviewer for Clean Indie Reads

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