Jason Michael Smith : Walking in Gardens Alone

Walking in Gardens Alone

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C.S. Lewis, Gary Thomas, G.K. Chesterton, Sam Allberry, Larry Crabb

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Living in spiritual community is, and always has been, God's design for His people. Far from being "just another good idea" or church fad, community is meant to be central to a Christian's life.

But because of our culture's Individualism, its high esteem for independence and self-reliance, Christians often believe that we're meant to try to follow Christ on our own. When we treat Christianity as if it were a divine self-help program, our spiritual lives quickly stop making sense, become rote, and dry up.

Walking In Gardens Alone demonstrates from Scripture that God never intended His people to live like this - He has never offered the abundant life on these terms.

On the contrary: deliberately engaging in community is what brings the full promise of earthly Christianity to fruition.

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