Dave Ledoux : Back To My Garden Episode 73

Back To My Garden Episode 73

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Back To My Garden Podcast

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January 2015



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In this episode of Back To My Garden Dave chats with Matthew Pottage of England and discusses the vital importance of properly feeding your soil.

Join Dave Ledoux from the Back To My Garden podcast as he interviews passionate gardeners from around the world. Discover new gardening techniques, expert secrets, time-saving tips and exciting trends so you can take your garden to new heights! Whether you’re a flower fanatic, an heirloom vegetable aficionado, a herb garden enthusiast or even an aquaponics farmer, the BTMG podcast has something for you. Guests ranging from Master Gardeners to enthusiastic amateurs share organic gardening strategies, soil nutrition, composting wisdom, natural pest control, raised garden beds, container patio gardening, vertical gardens and even fish-powered vegetable gardens. No gardening topic is off-limits. Discover your passion for gardening!

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