Arthur Barbosa : A  Construção do Olhar

A Construção do Olhar

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Arts & Entertainment , Self-Improvement

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August Cury, Carl Gustav Jung, Umberto Eco

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This ebook is in Portuguese (BR). My second independent conceptual project. "A Construção do Olhar" (Literal transcription: "The construction of the look") brings a critical interdisciplinary dialogue, discussing and questioning art, aesthetics, image, patterns, culture, religion, sex (and more!) Through true stories and theoretical support. The way I'm watching you and how you're watching me. They are quick reflexes, the beginning of your own reflections. The prelude to what you can establish in your routine, how you faced your own prologues and intuitions - for not everything is on the side, the side, the front, the front.

Because the look builds arguments. Which one are yours?

(It has language that says it is unfit for children under 18 years of age).

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