Armando Heredia : Keep Your Hopes Up

Keep Your Hopes Up

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Armando Heredia

Publication Date

July 2016



About the Book    About the Author

"I saw this guy, and I felt like his head, which seems weird, but that’s what happens when you spend too much time alone trying to figure out how to break into “the market”, you start feeling like a combover, all scraggly and pasted down, well, that’s how I feel.

He said, “Yes, I am balding, dang it, but I’m not bald yet, and I am going to take this modicum of hair that I have and use it, like a tiger with it’s stripes or a badger with whatever it is that makes badgers feel more badgerly, and I am going to be the man. And he was."

Keep Your Hopes Up is a little book of encouragement for creatives of all stripes who are working hard to try and make it big. Fellow aspiring visual artist, Armando Heredia, humorously ambles through the feelings of discouragement and triumph that come along with being an artist of "modicum success".

Editorial Reviews

"Really enjoyed this short book. I am an artist / woodworker and going through exact feelings and struggle as Armando writes about in his book. He doesn't give you
advice or solutions, just talks about his struggle as an artist and
gently tells you JUST KEEP GOING AND DO WHAT YOU LOVE!" @dagmarmaini

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