Armando Heredia : Cardboard Astronaut 2.0

Cardboard Astronaut 2.0

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Discovery is not about coming up with something new. To “dis|cover” something is to find something already there, but hidden from view by ignorance, obstruction or distance. When Columbus “discovered” the Americas he didn’t make them or invent them, he simply went further than the people he knew were willing to go. Of course, there were other people there already so it’s arguable whether he actually “discovered” anything. He was just one of the first people from the “known world” to venture that far. The same holds true with the church today.

A Cardboard Astronaut is not looking for some new truth(s) he or she is looking for truth that has been obscured by ignorance, obstruction or distance. When we push the boundaries it is for the sake of the Church not to forsake it.

Maybe you’re a Cardboard Astronaut. If so, be aware that you are both admired and scorned by the people around you. Take the risk to move the kingdom of God forward. Be informed so that your resistance to things accepted as normal isn’t for the sake of rebellion. God has placed the desire for more in you and is stirring you and others but rebellion is not, nor will it ever be, sanctioned by God.

Go, but remember where you came from because your goal isn’t to get away from the Church, it’s to broaden the understanding of those not willing to believe until they see, to bring them to the places you’ve been to and to help them dream about the possibilities.

Editorial Reviews

There are many feel-good and lukewarm doctrines prevalent today through all forms of media, but Heredia, through the use of personal anecdotes and through a faith-led, logical questioning, challenges the reader to go beyond your comfort zone, to think critically about life, faith, the church, God and how these powerful forces in our lives direct and shape us and our thought-processes."Cardboard Astronaut" is an easy read - meaning that you won't need a writing jacket, pipe, and absolute silence to become involved with the book. His writing style is casual, almost conversational at times, making the reading very enjoyable. The challenging aspect of the book comes not by deciphering his prose, but by his ability for the reader to actively engage with the material.In the vein of Don Miller's "Blue Like Jazz," "Cardboard Astronaut" will help you examine your conceptions of the church, what is means to be a Christian in the new millennium, and how you can actively engage in the kingdom of God.

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