Armando Heredia : An Artist of Modicum Success, A Retrospective

An Artist of Modicum Success, A Retrospective

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Armando Heredia

Publication Date

July 2016



About the Book    About the Author

An Artist of Modicum Success, a collection of work by Armando Heredia, who once had an exhibit slated for 30 days come down in 48 hours, and considered it a smashing success.

This is a wide ranging collection of work that encompasses traditional and non-traditional media, drawing, painting, sculpture and reclamation art.

Armando is also an Art Activist, the founder of Art Against Oppression, an art collective devoted to "Not just making good art, but art that does good."

This collective also includes works by Awareness 2012 collaborators Christian Burkett, Kimberly Lorrene (Kavanagh), and Jonathan Schellhardt.

Full color images, links to online content, and insight into the inspiration of some of his most exciting work.

Armando Heredia may be one of the most important artists you've never heard of.

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