A. R. Curtis : The Seer

The Seer

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fiction & Literature

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J. K. Rowling, Patrick Rothfuss, J. R. R. Tolkien, Suzanne Collins, John Grisham

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When you're hunted by the darkest force on the planet, and the only thing that can save you is knowing who you really are...

Hidden on the darker side of red, there’s an evil and powerfully dark inhabitant of the night who has not known light in centuries. Until Emily Hunts. Secretly from shadow, he trains her, developing her into the sorceress she will one day become. He loves her - in a way no creature of the night can love. But, when the world threatens to interfere, when he discovers her heart’s true loyalty, the shadow is lifted, and he must take her to the other side of red…

Editorial Reviews

Editor Review:

“I’m really excited about the whole thing…it strongly reminds me of Phantom of the Opera… The magical world is fascinating and interesting, the Red Veil is a good twist...and the characters are all wonderful players. [There are] so many mysteries in this story that one wouldn’t even begin to know where to start untangling them…it’s a good start to the series…a really evocative piece of fiction.” – P. R. Bunke, Editor

What readers are saying:

“…fairies, vampires, witches, wizards and demons…mermaids, The Seer has it all…in a story line that continuously unfolds to something new.” – Amy Raines, Readers Favorite“…mythical beings, spirits and shadows, creatures…legends and fears...secrets, fear, truth, revelation, and magic weave an enchantment over the reader to keep them turning page after page…” – J.J. Simmill, Readers Favorite
“…it reminded me of The Phantom of the Opera…an epic magical adventure into darkness…I’d highly recommend The Seer to dark fantasy fans everywhere.” -K.C. Finn, Readers Favorite
“…tense, almost frightening atmosphere… It is magnificent. The Harry Potter -esque air of magic is somewhat tempered by traditional Wiccan elements such as goddess worship and…Samhain…a tense YA Urban Fantasy…” – Caitlin Lyle Farley, Readers Favorite
“Loved The Seer can't wait to read book two.” - S. Neal
“Fascinating and interesting...evocative piece of fiction.” - P. Bunke, Editor
“Loved it...could not put it down.” – D
“I loved this book! … all the way to the end, riveted my attention. I didn’t want to put the book down.” - D. Lawson
“…your story is amazing.” -L.W.
“Oh my gosh! I love this story so much.” - L.B.

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