Ann Hunter : North Oak #3: Morning Glory

North Oak #3: Morning Glory

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Children & Teens, Sports & Outdoors

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K.M. Shea, Tudor Robins, Joanna Campbell, Gregory Maguire, Kate Lattey

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Print Length

184 pages


Rebel House Ink

Publication Date

February 5, 2016



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Sequel to Born to Run and Yearling

Can Alex & Brooke help Morning Glory overcome her racing slump?

When a terrible accident shakes the Showmans, Alex finds herself questioning her place in the family. Feeling like a second class citizen, she turns once again to find her solace in horse racing.With a new filly to manage with Brooke, and Venus Galaxies's first foal on the way, the girls must rely on each other to make things work out.

But will a handsome, foreign newcomer split them apart once again?

On the heels of Joanna Campbell’s beloved Thoroughbred Series, and Walter Farley’s Black Stallion, comes a brand new young adult horse racing series that will sweep you away like a runaway Thoroughbred.

To learn more about Morning Glory, check out this cool video by former jockey, Frankie Lavato

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