Annas Khan : The Game Of Life

The Game Of Life

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October, 5th, 2015



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In this book, I hope to portray a real image of what life truly is. Life is no fairytale, it is a game. A game we all have to play, many of us fail, many of us succeed, but then there are those few who initially may seem to have failed, may show no bright future, may be completely lost, this book is for you. I have been there, I may be young, but I have endured and faced numerous challenges. Challenges that have tested me mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Through playing this game I have evolved as an individual to something I never believed I could be. I became stronger, smarter and more positive on various outlooks of life. Through this book I want to convey to you that anything is possible, the World could be collapsing on you but still you can push through as long as you have the right mindset on what it is you want to accomplish. Mindset is everything. Mindset is the key to winning the Game of Life. I have written this book straightforward with no nonsense or anything, just straight up real talk. To all the dreamers out there, all the grinders, this book is for you. You can do it

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