Anna Erishkigal : Sword of the Gods: The Chosen One

Sword of the Gods: The Chosen One

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Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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George R.R. Martin, Peter F. Hamilton, Frank Herbert, Steven Erickson, Lois McMaster Bujold

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468 pages




Seraphim Press

Publication Date

April 16, 2012



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At the dawn of time, two ancient adversaries clashed over control of Earth. One man rose to stand at humanity's side. A soldier whose name we still remember today...

Angelic Special Forces Colonel Mikhail Mannuki'ili awakens, mortally wounded, in his crashed ship. The woman who saves his life has abilities which seem familiar, but with no memory of his past, he can't remember why! With his ship destroyed and a shattered wing, he has no choice but to integrate into her village.

Ninsianna's people have prophecies of a winged champion, a Sword of the Gods who will defend her people against an Evil One. Mikhail insists he is no demigod, but her dark premonitions and his uncanny ability to kill say otherwise. Even without the technology destroyed along with his ship, the sword he carries is a weapon of mass destruction to a people who still throw sticks and stones. When women start to disappear, Mikhail must organize her people to fight back .

Evil whispers to a sullen Prince. A dying species seeks to avoid extinction. Two emperors, entrenched in their ancient ideologies, cannot see the larger threat. As intrigues roil the heavens, a tiny Mesopotamian town becomes ground-zero for this fantasy fiction retelling of mankind's most epic story about the battle between good and evil … the clash of empires and ideologies … and the greatest superhero to ever walk the Earth. The Archangel Mikhail.

Note: This book is NOT Christian fiction.

Editorial Reviews

"Star Trek meets creation mythos..." (reader review)

"Better than Game of Thrones..." (reader review)

"This novel was a fantastic read. I loved the blending of hard-core sci-fi , and fantasy genres. It is notoriously difficult to merge the
two. The author does this seamlessly however. I also enjoyed the hidden
history aspect. What if heaven, angels, & early human history faded
to legend and then myth. I can't wait for the following installments in
this series..."
(reader review)

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