Ann Ackroyd : Colonial Adventure

Colonial Adventure

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Transom Press

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April 2014



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Colonial Adventure is a graphic novella written in rhythmic prose depicting a slice of British colonial history (1936—1977) as experienced by individuals on both sides of the racial conflict.

It begins with a British couple who leave the sophistication of London to establish a large agricultural operation in what was then Southern Rhodesia, later Rhodesia and now Zimbabwe.

With the rise of Black Nationalism, the black majority rebels leading to a brutal civil war that has a severe impact on the two families, one black and one white, whose lives the story follows.

Of the shorter stories, also written in rhythmic prose, one concerns a female architect from Haiti, another a young boy abandoned at a country fair by his mother and a third addresses an over-reaction in the climate of fear surrounding Islam. The fourth story portrays an outrage committed against a teenager seeking to free herself from family domination, while the last tale is a dramatic monologue conducted by an African dictator.

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