Anita Rodgers : Sally & Gem

Sally & Gem

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Humor, Fiction & Literature

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Janet Evanovich, Michael Connelly, C Hope Clark, Lee Childs, Sue Grafton

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20 pages



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When Sally loses her mother just before Christmas she is taken in by her great aunt, Gem Morgan. The social worker assures Gem that the arrangement is only temporary – until Sally’s father can be located. The problem is that no one knows her father’s name or where he lives because Sally was raised by her mother as a single mom.

The two become an odd but loving pair and soon can’t imagine life without each other. And the world seems full of possibilities. Until Sally’s father is found.

Will Sally stay with Gem or go with the father she never knew she had?

Sally & Gem is a story of unexpected family, love, and second chances. If you love stories that touch your heart, this story is for you.

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