Anita Renaghan : The Suicide Man

The Suicide Man

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Anita Renaghan

Publication Date

December 13, 2005



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Lawyer Jerry Wheeler has a beautiful wife, a stake in his high earning Chicago law firm, and a short future. For a man who should have the world at his fingertips, Jerry Wheeler is contemplating suicide. As Jerry spirals downward he meets Hazel, a young woman who proposes to Jerry that she can help him end his life if he promises to stay alive for one more month. Hazel moves into Jerry’s apartment and helps him deal with his lingering childhood memories, the impossible relationship he has with his father, and the guilt he feels toward failing his wife. Hazel and Jerry form a tight bond, and Hazel wants to believe that she has brought hope to Jerry’s life, but Jerry is still spiraling downward into drugs and contemplating how to take his life.

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