Angela Dolbear : Mind Over Madeleine

Mind Over Madeleine

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Romance, Fiction & Literature

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246 pages




CreateSpace Independent Publishing

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January 24, 2014



About the Book    About the Author

The mind of Madeleine is filled with fear. Fear of not being a good enough wife to Peter, her beloved gorgeous professional musician husband of less than one year. She is consumed with the fear of not being pretty enough for him, and the fear of another woman taking her place, particularly by one of the super model-esque groupies who hang around the band. Maddy navigates life on tour with Peter’s successful band with humor, faith and prayer, but inside she is shaking in her black and white creepers.

When Peter is called away to record in Nashville, thousands of miles away from their cozy modest home in Southern California, Maddy’s fears begin to morph into loneliness. A sentiment she shares with her purple-haired dear friend, Lydia, whose husband, Caleb, is the band’s drummer, and who has joined Peter in Nashville to lend his talents to the project.

While Peter is away, the opportunity to fulfill one of her greatest dreams—to write and publish a book—falls into her lap. But Maddy’s fear and loneliness leave her open to travel down a road she never imagined she would take, and trick her into justifying her surrender to temptation.

Will Maddy survive this adventure and come away with her life intact? Will she be able to survive the unimaginable event that could take Peter, the love her life, away from her forever?

MIND OVER MADELEINE, the companion novel to THE GARDEN KEY, is a story of fear and love, and the one perfect love that casts out all fear. Don’t miss these new adult genre can’t-put-down, laugh-out-loud, multiple-tissues novels of a self-professed “lust-o-holic.”

Editorial Reviews

"I really loved reading this book! The characters and situations are so believable but not predictable. Got to take a behind the scenes tour
into the life of a Christian rock band marriage and the struggles that
many marriages face. How this couple deals with those struggles in a
very sweet, loving way with Christ intention was so encouraging. I
would not hesitate to recommend this book to anyone!" -- Austin Gal, Austin, TX

"Mind Over Madeleine is the long anticipated companion to THE GARDEN KEY. Again, I was on the edge of my seat wanting to know what was
going to happen next! I really love how Angela Dolebear can make you
laugh, cry, worry and cry for joy! She makes God the center of it all
for this amazing young couple!
I believe this book is a good read for anyone!
Now, I must leave you for my second reading of Mind Over Madeleine!" -- Kaylene Britton, Seattle, WA

"What an enjoyable book! Angela gets you inside Madelaine's mind and you get caught up in her thoughts and feelings and challenges of
Madelaine's newly married life to a rock star. Touching, funny,
suspenseful! Once I started reading it, I could not put it down. A
great follow up to THE GARDEN KEY." -- David Goldman, Boston, MA

"The first book, THE GARDEN KEY, is a funny and sweet story. I wasn't sure where things would go from there, I never imagined such a roller
coaster ride. This book, MIND OVER MADELEINE, was such a rush to read,
it was heart-racing with just the right amount of humor mixed in." -- Tim Dolbear, Austin, TX

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