Andrew Schrader : What Goes On in the Walls at Night

What Goes On in the Walls at Night

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fiction & Literature

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Ray Bradbury, David Wong, Philip K. Dick, Speculative Fiction, Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy

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220 pages




Bad People Publications

Publication Date

April 8, 2017



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#1 Amazon Bestselling Science Fiction Anthology and Horror Short Story Collection. Featured on the Reddit No Sleep Podcast.

Blending horror, science fiction, and fantasy, What Goes On In The Walls At Night is retro speculative fiction at its most bizarre.

Read 13 unforgettable tales in this nerve-twisting collection. If you like old, strange fiction and shows like “Black Mirror,” you’ll love What Goes On in the Walls at Night.

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Editorial Reviews

"Speculative fiction ranks among my favorite genres to read, and Schrader does a phenomenal job with these stories. Every single piece is an enjoyable read, something that’s not always the case in short story collections. They are creepy, fun, and thought-provoking. Well done, Mr. Schrader." —— Roxie Reviews

"INGENIOUSLY CREEPY . . . This collection of short stories is seriously incredible, every single one immerses you fully into its cleverly twisted world that it leaves you creeped out and excited to turn the page to see what's next. The author does an amazing job of evoking some intensely unsettling unease while also adding an unexpected level of empathy to these stories." —— Amazon Reviewer

"GREAT READ . . . These are twisted horror shorts that aren't that far from the world we live in. Definitely had me hooked. Looking forward to more from this author." —— Amazon Reviewer

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