Andrena Sawyer : Ponder It In Her Heart

Ponder It In Her Heart

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185 pages

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February 22, 2016



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What happens when someone threatens to destroy the life you've worked hard to build?

Beautiful and successful Nicole Sanchez is months away from marrying her best friend, but she will tell anyone who will listen that the life she's built was not handed to her on a silver platter. Despite being raised by an abusive mother and having an absentee father, it seems things have finally turned around for her. But just as life is coming together, a visitor from the past resurfaces. His appearance begins a domino effect that threatens everything she’s worked hard for. With the layers falling apart, will she allow fate to take its course, or can she find the strength to keep fighting for what was promised to her? Join Nicole on her journey of strength and restoration.

*This is a stand-alone sequel to The Long Way Home*

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