Andréa Fehsenfeld : COMPLETION


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Free Form Productions

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April 25, 2018



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A bold new voice in thrillers, TV Producer Andréa Fehsenfeld weaves secrets, lies and the dark pasts of three strangers into a Southwest supernatural classic.

On the surface, accountant Damien Hester is quiet and capable, a genius with numbers. No one knows his secrets or how they fuel his addiction to flame and fire. But when he ignites something beyond his control, his carefully constructed world comes crashing down and the consequences are far reaching.

Now on the run, his path takes an unexpected turn in New Mexico and he finds himself on a mysterious cult compound. But where nothing and no one is what it seems can he trust Addy, a beautiful follower with a corrupt past, or Garrett, the enigmatic cult leader who takes him under his wing?

Because Damien’s not the only one running from something…and as murky agendas start to unravel and broken histories demand completion, the fallout is an explosive tipping point none of them anticipate.

Editorial Reviews

"Five Stars. The plot, the characters, the setting of Completion are all perfect. Fehsenfeld goes out of her way to keep readers hanging onto every word, every turn of the page." - Reader's Favorite

"I could not put the book down" - Insight Into Books

"It's rare to find new books these days that have this level of originality and writing craft." - Good Reads Review

"Andréa Fehsenfeld is a great storyteller." - Amazon Review

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