Anastasios Syrianos : How to make your Government do the Right Thing

How to make your Government do the Right Thing

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The meaning of doing the right thing in politics is to do what is best for the well-being of society and citizens. This moral obligation however to “do the right thing” is thwarted by the very nature of our political systems. The institutional framework of western-style “democracy”, hands over to an elected group of people known as the "Government", the supreme political power and the authority to exercise it according to their will without the obligation to account for it. The lack of genuine and meaningful political accountability however, means that State officials are free to commit the most immoral and outrageous political crimes against their people without been checked, taken to court or get punished for their actions. It is only inevitable then that, as societies stand defenseless against political authorities, they will become the victims of their tyrannical rule.

Nevertheless, it does not have to be this way. We no longer need to be the victims of bad politics and corrupt politicians. The keys to our freedom are already present within our societies, hidden in plain sight. All we need is a change of perception to realise that the power we hold as consumers can be replicated in politics to arm citizens with the institutional means to stand against the misuse and abuse of political power. This short work explains how common marketing strategies can help reshape politics and make citizens the bosses of their Governments.

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