Amy Sumida : Godhunter


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Romance, Fantasy

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Laurell K Hamilton, JR Ward, Charlaine Harris, Kim Harrison, Mary Janice Davidson

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Myth and magic collide in thisaward-winning, action romance where gods manipulate the human race, and one witch stands against them. When Vervain uncovers the truth about the Gods, she is forced into the role of a vigilante witch; hunting the Gods before they can hunt her. But as the Godhunter falls deeper into the world of Immortals, she finds herself in the middle of war where she may just become humanity's greatest weapon.

Editorial Reviews

"Funny, charming, sweet and action packed! I rarely write reviews, unless a book
is extra-ordinary in some way, good or bad. This book is
extra-ordinarily good. Vervain has stumbled onto a secret, the Gods are
real but they aren't gods. They are Atlanteans who have learned to
channel both our worship and our blood sacrifices. Vervain is a
refreshing character. She doesn't have a certain Paranormal heroines
hang ups that take 17 books to overcome. She is comfortable with who
she is. She is a fighter, who has to learn to also be a lover. She is a
human who takes on immortals and also entices them. The action scenes
are sharp and just the right length. The book is sexy without tipping
into the pornographic. Her struggles between the various Gods courting
her are at once humorous and touching. Thor is not our Marvel hero but a
real version of the Viking God, with all his foibles and nobility.
Blue is wonderfully torn between being evil and trying hard to learn to
love. Witchcraft is presented well - as a Wiccan, I appreciate that.
Her side characters are interesting without being intrusive, I
particularly like the depiction of Horus, you can just feel the wounds
under his hard candy coated shell. I would however like to see a few
more Goddesses presented in a good light. If I could, I would dazzle
you with more stars as 5 just doesn't cut it."

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