Amy Schisler : Whispering Vines

Whispering Vines

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When death takes yet another person from Alex O’Donnell, she questions whether or not she will ever find happiness. Upon learning that she has inherited a vineyard in Italy, Alex leaves everything she knows behind to seek her future. She moves from her Baltimore apartment to a villa in Italy where she discovers a life of possibilities beyond her hopes and dreams. Arriving at the villa, Alex is taken aback by the animosity and scorn of the vineyard’s co-owner, Nicolas Giordano. Resentful of Alex’s sudden appearance, Nicolas struggles to maintain his control over his business and his feelings for his new partner. The discovery of a journal from World War II becomes the tie that binds Alex and Nicolas as they work to secure their future while putting together the pieces of a puzzle from the past. Unlock the hidden secrets among the Whispering Vines. "Schisler’s writing is a verbal masterpiece of art. She weaves together the lives of two women, generations apart, in a beautiful and heartbreaking tale of love and loss. This is a book to get lost in." Author of Rising Ridge, Alex Jacobs

Editorial Reviews

Whispering Vines is a captivating story written by Amy Schisler, an award-winning author who has already published three novels and one children's book. She also has a professional blog that has a large number of readers from all across the globe. Before venturing into the writing industry, she used to work as a librarian and a teacher. Currently, she lives with her husband and three daughters in the Eastern Shore of Maryland.Alex O Donnell is faced with a series of challenges that force her to relocate from her Baltimore apartment to a villa in Italy. It is in this new home that she discovers that there is a vineyard under her name. This realization brings back to life her aspirations, hopes, and dreams. She decides to visit the vineyard only to be welcomed by a stern co-owner of the vineyard, Nicolas Giordano. However, their interaction changes his personality completely. Nicholas starts to fall in love with Alex. He has to regain his control over the business and at the same time ensure he does now reveal his true feelings for Alex. All that changes when they come across a journal from World War II that encourages them to work together to grow the business and trace their roots.Whispering Vines is a well-written story whose characters have unique personalities. They both overcome every challenge that they come across to not only establish a family but also to understand their origin. More importantly, the characters perfectly suit the story and the message that the author wants to convey to the world. The heartbreaking, endearing, charming, and romantic scenes will surely inveigle you to keep reading. The author also went an extra mile to create fast-paced scenes that allows one to follow the main character, Alex, as she relocates to Italy and meets her

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