Amber Argyle : Witch Song

Witch Song

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Children & Teens, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Robert Jordan, JK Rowling, Rae Carson, Brandon Sanderson, Jennifer A. Nielsen

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Starling Publishing

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Sept. 2011



About the Book    About the Author

A gorgeous and riveting fantasy steeped in magic, action, and romance. Perfect for fans of Sarah J Maas and Rae Carson, Witch Song has over 1,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads.

Brusenna is the last. All the other witches have been captured, their songs stolen and twisted from harmony and growth into chaos and death. She alone must stand against an evil much older and darker than anything she could ever imagine—an evil every witch before her has failed to vanquish.

In that, Brusenna must be the first.

Editorial Reviews

In WITCH SONG, Amber Argyle makes a riveting debut, creating a fresh new world full of wonder, peril, and splendor. I found WITCH SONG to be positively engrossing from the first page to the last. I'm convinced that this is just the first book in what will be a long and prosperous career! ~David Farland, NYT bestselling author

I can honestly say that I haven't gotten this lost in a fantasy world since the Harry Potter series. . . . Amber Argyle for me, has earned herself a rank equivalent to the best fantasy fiction authors of this decade. ~Cory, Antidrug Reads

Witch Song is a debut with an engrossing world full of magic, adventure and romance. It's a story that fascinated me with its unique witch lore and rich world building, and introduced me to some great in-depth characters. ~Katie, Mundie Moms

Witch Song was a rich and compelling fairytale of magic and dark controlling forces, that gives a unique twist to witchcraft and witches, in general. It was powerful and interesting. Argyle's ability to create a world in which the power of song is used to create magic, is not only masterful but brilliantly clever. ~Suz, Soul Unsung

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