Amaris Oppenheim : The Obesity Cure: The Definitive Guide To Healthy Cure For Obesity And Overweight

The Obesity Cure: The Definitive Guide To Healthy Cure For Obesity And Overweight

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Obesity is defined as being overweight due to an accumulated amount of fat greater than the body’s average amount of fat capacity. According to the National Institutes of Health, an obese person’s body weight is at least 10 percent greater than the recommended weight. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that over the past 20 years, obesity has increased. There are currently over a third of American adults that are obese and 17 percent of children, ages 2-19 who are also obese. In 2004 obesity was ranked as the number one health risk to face America in coming years, and this prediction is growing closer and closer to the truth as many are overeating and not exercising. The Good News About Food Addiction Though getting your eating under control is an indispensable key to healthy living, it’s not necessary to starve or deny your body the things it REALLY wants and needs. In this book you will learn what to do and what not to do, to prevent and cure your obesity once and for all.

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An Overview of Obesity and Overweight

Physical Activity and Weight Loss

When to Eat For Weight Loss (Timely Eating)

Food substances for weight loss

Health Benefits of Almond and Seeds of Apricot

Foods you must stop eating to Achieve Weight Loss

Choosing Healthy Fats

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