Amaris Oppenheim : Poolside


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romance, erotica, contemporary romance, Passion and Suspense, Shannon Mayer

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Amaris Oppenheim



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Marriage can bring a two people together as it can drive them part. The early excitement of attraction does not take long to fade away into resentment, and the perpetuity of marriage can slowly push you into the vulgarity of routine. The idea of sharing your whole life with a partner may seem appalling when you notice your life lacks any sort of emotion. The thrill vanishes and your partner, along with any moment together, remind you of how dull of a life you began living. Eventually, you’ll need something more than what marriage can offer. Just when you may not expect it, someone can casually enter your house and spark the flame you thought had burned out with time, igniting every bit of desire in your body. A set of muscles with a gentle smile in an ordinary man may be enough to make you willing to put your marriage at jeopardy, only to seek the pleasure you are no longer able to feel throughout your body and mind. You learn to separate happiness from stability. Your life is good, but you are not satisfied, nor happy, so you try to have them both. A hot landscaper can make you happy, but he cannot give you the life that you already have.

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