Amaris Oppenheim : Paleo Diet Cookbook (As Nature Intented: Improve Your Health and Your Lifestyle)

Paleo Diet Cookbook (As Nature Intented: Improve Your Health and Your Lifestyle)

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Do not let the title of this book confuse you – it is not merely a cookbook. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to both change your diet, as well as to enjoy doing so. By following this book, you will not only improve your body, its health, looks and condition, but also gain useful insight into what human body really wants and needs. You will learn to distinguish between fact and fiction, between what is usually thought to be “good” and “healthy” in common sense, and what your body's true needs are. It can make a real difference – give you a new, positive outlook on life, an insight into your body from a new perspective, make you feel optimistic and full of new found energy and initiative. This book will try to introduce you to some quality recipes and strategies on how to improve your diet, but it will also try to explain the reasons for following such advice, as well as to give a good reason on why following them is recommended.

Here's a preview of what you'll learn...

What is the Paleo Diet, and why you should be interested

Basic facts and reasons to choose this Diet

What to eat, and what to avoid

Proposed best ways to start and maintain this diet

Health benefits of this Diet and its integration with your exercise routine

Some good recipes

Dealing with temptations

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