Amaris Oppenheim : Never Done Before

Never Done Before

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Romance

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romance, erotica, contemporary romance, Passion and Suspense, Shannon Mayer

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Amaris Oppenheim



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Macey Lynch is an actress of an upcoming famous television show. It’s been hailed as the Game of Thrones of the sci-fi world. She attends conventions, is hailed by fans, and is generally well liked by everyone around her. Macey is attending one of these conventions when she meets Jason. Jason is a fan of the show and meets her when she’s signing autographs. He immediately catches her eyes and they hit it off. So she gives him her number and the relationship immediately becomes one of lust and passion. The two are happy, but under illusions this will last any longer than the convention. The question is how much sex can they have in the time the convention goes on. What Macey didn’t consider were the potential PR ramifications of her affair with a fan. How would that impact her job? The show itself? These are obstacles that Macey will have to face when she rises out of the bubble she’s put herself in. And what about Charles? The handsome fellow cast member that pines after Macey. Will she continue to be oblivious to him? How will her relationship with Jason affect them?

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