Amaris Oppenheim : Mistaken Romeo

Mistaken Romeo

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Romance

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romance, erotica, contemporary romance, Passion and Suspense, Shannon Mayer

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Amaris Oppenheim



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**This is a work of adult romantica with explicit sexual situations not suitable for those under 18** You might think life couldn’t be any more disappointing than being a thirty three year old single librarian, living with more than one cat, eating Chinese food straight out of the carton whilst categorizing books. Evelyn is aware of that. She knows how lonesome and dull of an existence she is living. That is, perhaps, what propelled her to enter the unpredictable world of internet dating. Having not had any action for over a year, she is in it just for sex, and soon after meeting Michael, a not so bad online candidate, they both want to make it real. Time came, and it wasn’t the only one. After facing one another at a bar, and fewest words as possible later, neither hesitated to take it down to the hotel and let their bodies do the rest. They both have a night of pleasure like no other before, but shockingly enough, that guy Michael wasn’t the one she met online, but just a stranger somehow dragged by Evelyn’s hurry to get out of the bar. They connect, and Michael, a victim of carnal lust, doesn’t want to leave things at that. Evelyn is torn. She had just met not only a man capable of letting her reach heaven in the bedroom, but also a true gentleman who cherishes her. Michael is a stranger, but so were Romeo and Juliet.

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