Amaris Oppenheim : For Better, For Worse or For The Best

For Better, For Worse or For The Best

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romance, erotica, contemporary romance, Passion and Suspense, Shannon Mayer

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Amaris Oppenheim



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The stillness of a relationship hits you so profoundly like no other weapon does. It is believed that every soul has its match. They meet and everything clicks, every moment is a treasure, every word a poem, it seems as though the world was created for only the two of them, as if nothing could tore the romance apart. Except time. Time can bring you down to your knees, blow away the haze of that early romance you thought to be destined for yourselves. It can boggle your mind and allow you to do some things that would have never crossed your mind before. Like dividing your heart, letting someone else bring a smile to your face and light up a part of you that you thought had burned out. Making you believe there is someone else out there for you. Someone to fill that void inside which makes your mind relentlessly wonder if your golden years of romance have past. Time can daze you and trick you into doing something you will surely regret. And you’ll blame it on that soul who once seemed fit for you. And you’ll blame it on the other one you doubtfully borrowed your heart. You’ll blame it on yourself, and have the weight of the world on your mind, pressing hard. But in the tragedy of romance, there is a spark that never goes out. Sometimes you have to be injured, in order to be healed.

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