Amaris Oppenheim : Corner Office Confessions

Corner Office Confessions

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romance, erotica, contemporary romance, Passion and Suspense, Shannon Mayer

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Amaris Oppenheim



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Remy Saint, bombshell, nymphomaniac, ex-porn star, secretary. How does someone with a wolfish passion and insatiable desire adjust to working a nine to five job typing up letters and taking dictation? What perils and passions does the once unbridled she-wolf face in her new job responsibility as personal assistant to the handsome, rich and troubled Mr. Tanner? An intricate and intimate portrait of a woman who does not make excuses for her desires, a modern day Aphrodite bound in a business suit and sensible glasses with a wild past, wilder than even the most vivid imaginations of her new colleagues and co-workers. Sometimes you just need a change. It doesn’t matter how much you enjoy the little things in your life, deep down there might be a restless feeling of misplacement that can only be shut down with a breath of fresh air. Remy enjoyed her life. She did adult films but took pleasure in it. However, there was something missing. She could not see herself in that scenario for the rest of her life, which was why she moved halfway across the country to enroll on a whole new corporate career. Remy knew what she was capable of – a well-educated, self-made woman who spoke four languages and went through school by night. She was not only physically outrageously stunning, but also a smart, captive lady who could make her own way through life. ‘Corner office Confessions’ is a naughty, unabashed look at the unique dynamics that arise when two different worlds meet. It is also an exploration of how similar and yet different the two spaces are. Remy Saint is the sensuously beautiful blonde star of more than a dozen adult film ventures and yet she has turned her back to that life. What does she face in her new life and how does she go about adjusting to the demands of a ‘real job’. Unapologetically lustful, determinedly depraved and touchingly human, this is a perfect story for someone who enjoys pin stripe skirts and bustier bras equally. The names have been changed to protect the ‘not so innocent’.

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