Allison Vesterfelt : Writing To Find Yourself

Writing To Find Yourself

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What if writing could change your life?

What if you could have a better marriage, more clarity in your career, more satisfying friendships and even more freedom from anxiety and depression, all by doing something you love—something you’ve been doing all along—writing?

It’s not that you have a bad life. You don’t. You have all the things most people hope for—a good family, great friends, a good job, nice stuff. But at the end of the day you look around and see others who seem happier than you. More fulfilled. More them.

And you wonder if there’s something you’re missing.

Are you making it up? Are they not as happy as they seem? Or is the “good life” reserved for only a select few—and you’re simply not one of them?

Here’s the craziest part. You can get what you're looking for so easily, by simply doing something you’ve loved to do all along: writing.

There’s a great cost to discovering ourselves through the art of writing. It isn’t always easy. But the cost of not doing it is so much greater. What will you miss if you neglect finding yourself through the process of writing?

We should grieve that loss—like a death.

A life never lived.

A human spirit never celebrated.

How tragic.

There’s a reason people have always told you you’re good at writing. There’s a powerful, supernatural, life-changing voice inside of you, just waiting to come out.

Let me help you find it.

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