Alison Golden : The Case of the Hidden Flame: An Inspector David Graham Cozy Mystery

The Case of the Hidden Flame: An Inspector David Graham Cozy Mystery

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Detective Inspector David Graham has just arrived on the island of Jersey, taking over a rag tag team of questionable commitment and skill at the Gorey Constabulary, a team that he is supposed to lead and develop into a cohesive investigative unit.

Within minutes, his first challenge presents itself when ex-soldier, Colonel Graves, finds a dead body on the beach. As the military man kneels down, he discovers it is his soon-to-be fiancé half buried in the sand…

In a small resort like Gorey, this event is monumental, and almost unheard of. The rumors swirl yet it is the new Detective Inspector’s job, with a bag still packed and travel dust on his shoes, to ferret out the clues and solve the case…while bringing his team along to assist.

With a Sherlock soul, The Case of the Hidden Flame packs humor and intrigue onto a small island of eccentric characters, roiling sea undercurrents, and deceptive coincidences – all accompanied by a fine cup of tea.

Clean read: no graphic violence, sex. Mild cursing only.

Interview with the Creator of the Series

Q – So, what makes the Inspector David Graham series special?

A – When I set out to write these books, I wanted to create something that played like a movie in the reader’s mind. They are books with action, but also soul. They are ensemble pieces containing regular characters that are well drawn with strong personalities, humor and some tragedy. The Inspector David Graham books feel, to me, like good friends that never let me down. Every time we sit down to plan the books, I love to find out what the characters are going to get up to next!

The Inspector David Graham books are a great mix of genres. They sit firmly in the cozy mystery category and are set on the beautiful island of Jersey in the English Channel between Britain and France. They feature a British detective who is part-Sherlock Holmes, part-Poirot, and, of course, uniquely himself.

Q - In what order should I read the books?

A – The Inspector David Graham cozy mysteries can be read, and enjoyed, in any order. The Case of the Hidden Flame is the second book in the series and is set on Jersey just as Inspector Graham takes up his new post. All the books are complete mysteries.

There is a prequel, The Case of the Screaming Beauty, that provides background to the series but I’ve made sure not to include any spoilers for those who are new to the characters and any existing fans of Graham’s adventures will still find plenty of fresh action and mystery as well as perhaps a few answers in it. All in all, there is something for everyone.

If you do want to read them in order, I'd suggest the following sequence:

– The Case of the Screaming Beauty (prequel)

– The Case of the Hidden Flame

– The Case of the Fallen Hero

Q – Why should readers give these books a try?

A – Because the Inspector Graham series is a gentle, but colorful romp through the wealthy but isolated English island, a place that is picturesque and peaceful but one filled with amoral and snobbish eccentrics with all kinds of vices.

Graham is a complex character who is intriguing from the get-go and yet evolves throughout the series while his sidekicks are worthy, interesting characters in their own right. We feature many English countryside rituals, institutions and customs in these stories.

Ultimately, readers who enjoy gentle pacing with a plot that twists and turns, features much fun, drama, quintessential British-ness, and, of course, small town murder all the way to the end will get a kick out of this series.

Inspector David Graham Book Categories:

– Cozy Mysteries

– Mystery Series

– British Detectives

– Small Town Mysteries

– Humorous Cozy Mysteries

– Traditional British

– International Mystery and Crime

Editorial Reviews

Praise for The Case of the Hidden Flame:

“Great read!”

“The author proved herself quickly and hooked me.”

“The secondary characters are a riot!”

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