Alicia Su Lozeron : Asia-literacy and Global Competence

Asia-literacy and Global Competence

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Asia-America Connection Society

Publication Date

June 2017



About the Book    About the Author

Asia-literacy and Global Competence is a collection of Alicia Su Lozeron's vignettes and articles about Asia and the world. In bringing the Asian segment onto the western stage, the author emphasizes the invaluable contributions of the Asian sector to the global village. An irresistible shift of global power renders awareness about global competence ever more important. She aims to raise that awareness and connects the West to the East by researching and analyzing facts as well as describing experiences of cross-cultural nature. Her content is compelling, and her tales, beautifully narrated.

Editorial Reviews

Alicia Su Lozeron has utilized her cross-cultural experiences and expertise to bridge the differences among various parts of the world, and to embrace universal human similarities with interest and open-mindedness. Observing the development of Asian segments in relation to America and the whole world is, indeed, vital and necessary. She describes noteworthy economic, cultural aspects of Asia and America in the backdrop of the global village. Well-versed with an insatiable sense of curiosity, she watches the world with a researcher's mindset, as well as a humanist's purpose to bring the world together. The articles and vignettes collected in Asia-literacy and Global Competence are enjoyable, informative, and will definitely open up your path to "global competence."

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