Alexis Nicole White : The Covered

The Covered

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Upon graduating from college, Alexis Nicole White decides to relocate to the Land of Opportunity – Atlanta, Georgia. While in pursuit of her dreams, her passion for journalism grows cold. After meeting a variety of people who pledged to help her, Alexis is introduced to a world of trouble. Realizing all that glitters is not gold, Alexis finds herself in the middle of drama that is full of deceit and mischief.After being betrayed by a friend, she’s left all alone in a strange city. Tormented by her decisions, Alexis has to decide what is best for her sanity. Not sure who to trust, Alexis decides to activate her faith in God, proving that she is Covered, above all. Will she return home as a failure? Or, will she conquer the fight of her life to survive the mean streets of Atlanta?

Editorial Reviews

"The Covered" kept me locked in. Every time I had to step away from the book I was anxious to get back and find out what was going to happen next. The author gives vivid details of the hardship she experienced as a young woman before she got a sense of balance in her life. Her journey was very unique and speaks on the notion that people are going to always comment on your lifestyle, but don't let that become your reality. Do what suits you and in the end that's what matters. Not only is this book entertaining, it showcases several life lessons along the way. If your looking to dive into a book that keeps on edge, grab yourself a copy.

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