Alexis Cleoford : Mighty and Brennon Explore the Futuretarium

Mighty and Brennon Explore the Futuretarium

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Children & Teens, Humor

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Written Story Planet

Publication Date

January 8, 2017



About the Book   

Mighty the cat is a talented slacker who could win an award for his stellar resting skills. He also excels at rambling on about humans, his life, and cat toys. One day he finds himself extremely bored, but he never dreams that by the end of the day he would be granted three wishes even though only two wishes were promised. However, the last wish is not one that Mighty chooses, and it certainly is not one that he has ever even heard about. This wish leads Mighty to one of the coolest new places of all. Mighty may be lazy at times, but he does not want to miss a good opportunity when he sees one. The tiny wish granter who grants Mighty his wish can make some people run in fear while it can make some cats exuberant or playful.

Mighty is fascinated by all the all the lights and paraphernalia at this new place. He takes a special interest in the one section with the big screen that makes him feel like he’s in another time period and in a distant land. As Mighty feels the fluid future with his paw, he ponders what materials he should use to build his bright future. He also uses his wild imagination to predict what his life would be like if he lived in ancient Egypt with the Great Cat. Mighty dreams of a world without cat haters, and tells all about how cat haters are created. Apparently, hate has a lot do with poop and misunderstanding. Mighty finds out how to feel timeless and reveals whether he should try to outrun time.

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