Alaina Stanford : Tempest Rise, Book 1 of Treborel Series

Tempest Rise, Book 1 of Treborel Series

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Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Nora Roberts, J.R, R, Tolkien, Terry Brooks, R.A. Salvatore, J.K. Rowlings

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Lysette could not ignore the intense attraction she felt for Katar, the mountain Prince of Treborel. The very moment their eyes met a sharp grip of excitement and anticipation ran through Lysette's entire being. Katar felt the same sting of emotion despite the knee Lysette shoved into his groin in an attempt to be free of his iron grasp.

Attracted by her beauty and stubborn intellect Katar couldn't help but pursue her. Yet he knew there was no chance for a future with Lysette. She was a surgeon from the modern world. Katar's people relied strictly on the ancient art of the Empathic Healing. They had no need for modern medicine. Yet he could not deny his desire for Lysette. His only hope was to find some common ground the two could share.

As their romance blooms an assassination attempt on Bantors pregnant Queen Elsebeth sparks a chain of events that lead to continental war. The war escalates as Lysette befriends several of Treborels Empaths, determined to learn more about their mysterious healing techniques. Lysette accompanies the Empaths to a medical unit near the front lines where they are captured by Bantor's Elite Guard. Lysette's worse fears are realized as the psychotic Commander Connor, bent on vengeance against Katar tortures and kills Lysette's transport crew right before her eyes.

While in captivity, Lysette struggles to save Queen Elsebeths newborn twins. As Katar races against time to rescue Lysette. She is told he has married another and begins to lose hope. Lysette allows herself to grow closer to the last remaining prisioner, an Empath named Andru.

Will Katar reach her before her usefulness as a doctor is no longer needed and her torturous death begins? If Katar is able to save her, will he find she has given her heart to another before she discovers the truth about him?

Editorial Reviews

Readers reviews:

Katar and Lysette are the lovebirds in this book and their story is told perfectly well, as they are believable and not corny. There are some errors in the book, but I do not feel that spoils the read at all. Overall, I enjoyed the book as it didn't drag and it took me only two days to read. If you like romance, you're bound to like this.

Ms. Stanford continues to surprise me with her creative story telling. She pulls you into a riveting plot that barely gives you time to catch your breath. Action, suspense, murder and romance are my favorite combination and the author nails this challenging mix to the wall and leaves you coming back for more.

Fellow Author review:

As the author of Damned Summer I know the stress and struggle to find the right voice to go with the genre I'm working in, which is why it always amazes me when an author moves into a new genre and not only pulls it off, but makes it look seamless and easy, which is exactly what Alaina Stanford has done in this book!

She's stepped into SciFi with this story, building a whole new world of laser cannons and global war. The action is both similar to her previous works in some parts but in others its way different, which makes for an exciting read in general but opens up a new type of combat by this author. It was great to see her put on a new hat and that she looked good wearing it.Romance is here as well, which isn't my cup of tea, but it moves the story forward and also helps build tension, so not only was it essential in the drive of the plot, it made it bearable for the non romance reader.

Overall, this was a great read for both Stanford's existing writer base and newbies who enjoy scifi.

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