AJ Rico : Psycho Bitch: A Love Story

Psycho Bitch: A Love Story

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Romance, Fiction & Literature

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Charlotte Wolfe knows precisely what is important in life ... she is. Her life is going exactly the way she planned until her selfishness costs her everything. Charlotte has spent a lifetime molding her reality to suit her and her alone. A chameleon, she adapts in each situation to present a carefully constructed image. She manipulates those around her to ensure she gets her way, something she's been successful at until she goes too far. Charlotte's life comes crashing down when her boyfriend leaves, taking his money with him. As she struggles to put her life back together, Charlotte must confront the truth of herself and the true nature of love through her encounters with an eclectic group of people and one adoring dog.

Editorial Reviews

Don’t let the title fool you. This isn’t the female version of 50 Shades or anything like that. Psycho Bitch takes us through the personal realization of a young adult as she matures out of her sociopathic lifestyle. AJ Rico was a brave person to write this very personal story and, I do have to admit, it was not what I expected. Usually, when a first time author publishes a first novel, the writing is overly wordy and full of hard to read phrases.

AJ Rico is a talented writer. I enjoyed how she brought this story to life with just enough information to keep me hooked. I felt every possible emotion for the main character, Charlotte, and loved how Rico helped us gain complete understanding towards the end. This book is an easy read and it is perfect for a long train ride, road trip, or day relaxing at the beach. At 217 pages, it’s also a quick read, which is a good thing because I found it hard to put down.

I give Psycho Bitch 4 boundless stars for “I really enjoyed it.

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