Adrian Wills : Deep Sleepers (A Tom Blake Thriller - book1)

Deep Sleepers (A Tom Blake Thriller - book1)

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Adrian Wills

Publication Date

Jan 18 2014



About the Book    About the Author

The truth hurts. But the lies are fatal.

An undercover agent embedded with the extreme far right has gone missing. Tom Blake, his handler, is the only man who can find him.

But when the agent resurfaces as the ringleader of a terrifying bomb plot, Blake – a special forces veteran now working for the security service, MI5 – has to call on all his years of experience to avert a tragedy.

And with the hours and minutes ticking down, Blake is thrown into a desperate race to save hundreds of innocent lives - and his own reputation.

Deep Sleepers is a free kindle book - and a frighteningly plausible and topical, lightning-paced read. If you’re a fan of compulsive, gripping thrillers full of high-energy twists and turns, you’ll love the Tom Blake thriller series.

Editorial Reviews

“The best book I've read for some time.”

“This book grabs you by the collar and drags you into a fast paced, exciting world...the action is relentless and keeps you absorbed right to the end”

“a gripping adventure with plenty of intrigue and suspense and current-climate credible politics”

“very hard to put down”

“The multiple layers of the tale open out like a flower but keep you guessing until almost the end”

“The plot was fast paced and gripping, all the more intense because it was an entirely possible scenario.”

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