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260 pages




Stolen Time Press

Publication Date

September 21, 2016



About the Book    About the Author

After four years on the straight and narrow, Russell Fitzpatrick has a boring job, the wrong woman, and an itch for something more. All he needs to get his life going again is a nudge in the wrong direction.

When he receives a cryptic email from a legendary and slightly deranged fellow hacker--his old friend, Charlie, whom he knows to be dead--he tries to tell himself it's none of his concern. But the guy who stalks him across town at night, the two thugs waiting in the alley, and a ruthless FBI agent let him know his days are numbered if he doesn't turn over the money Charlie stole.

The problem is, Russ doesn't have it. As his enemies close in from all sides, Russ slowly unwinds the inner workings of his old friend's paranoid mind and finds that Charlie left behind something worth much more than the money. And no one but him is onto it...

Editorial Reviews

  • 2017 Readers' Favorite Awards - Gold Medal Winner - Mystery
  • First Place Winner - Genre Fiction - 24th Annual Writer's Digest Awards
  • An IndieReader Best of 2016 Selection
  • An Amazon.com Best Book of the Month - Sept. 2016 - Mystery/Thriller
  • A Kirkus Recommended Review - September 2016


Diamond gets all the little things right, as well as the big ones, in this riveting novel...A convincing, complex cyberthriller. -- Kirkus Reviews

A smart, wholly engrossing cyber crime novel about a talented hacker trying to escape his past...Diamond successfully re-skins the timeless crime novel template about a small-time crook gone legit, only to find he can't escape his past. As you might expect, the temptations of money, love and the forbidden are nearly impossible to resist, and that makes for great tension. Impala is full of hard-hitting insights that ring true. A must-read for any thriller fan.-- BestThrillers.com

Mystery and thriller readers are in for a treat with Impala, a story in which a man trying to change his world battles forces which draw him back into the seedier side of life. Russell can't back down and can't let go of anything completely. Neither can the reader let go of the winding, compelling story that is Impala... a compelling, unexpected mystery that's hard to put down and satisfyingly complex to the end. -- D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

It took me exactly four pages to get drawn into Impala, and once caught up in the story, I couldn't let go... I didn't just enjoy a good read; I learned a few things about computer hacking too. A fast-paced, can't-put-down suspense story that will keep you guessing. -- Ellen Feld, The Feathered Quill

Impala is a fast-paced, page-turning, relentless story from start to finish... nothing will be the same for the protagonist by story's end. (5 stars) -- IndieReader.com

...fast-paced and suspenseful... Impala is filled with action and adventure, and the plot is clever and darkly humorous. Russ and Cali are grand characters, as is the legendary and reckless Mad Hatter. Impala is highly recommended. (5 stars) -- Jack Magnus, Readers Favorite

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