Adam Chandler Crawford : Golf, Life, and Connection

Golf, Life, and Connection

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Self-Improvement, Sports & Outdoors

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Clive Cussler, David Baldacci, Frank Peretti, Rayven T. Hill

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Old Soul Publishing

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August 29, 2016



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The follow-up to the Amazon best selling golf book, Golf, Life, and Everything Else -- Golf, Life, and Connection! Much like the first installment, Golf, Life, and Connection digs deeper into the game than just your swing or your putting stroke. Golf is a fickle game, but it within its frailty comes joy and triumph like no other sport. Within these pages, you'll find stories of great Americans, great Heroes, along with the valleys and peaks all golfers are known to experience. The difference this go 'round? More insight from more experiences that are worth sharing.Readers of the first installment felt a connection with the stories inside, even if they weren't golfers.

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