Adam Bender : We, The Watched - a novel

We, The Watched - a novel

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Fantasy, Fiction

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George Orwell, Ray Bradbury, Suzanne Collins, Hugh Howey, Kurt Vonnegut

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Adam Bender

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Break through the government propaganda and avoid surveillance cameras in We, The Watched.

Told from the first-person perspective of an amnesiac, this dystopian adventure places the reader in the shoes of Seven as he struggles to go unnoticed in a surveillance society and discover his true identity.

Seven enters a dystopia where the government conducts mass surveillance and keeps a Watched list of its own citizens. The Church has become as powerful as the State, and people who resist are called Heretics and face execution. Seven's amnesia gives him a blank-slate perspective that helps him see through the propaganda, and he soon gets involved with a group of rebels called the Underground. But this same perceptive power could get him into a lot of trouble with the government police force known as the Guard.

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Editorial Reviews

"Fueled by a brilliantly nebulous backdrop, this briskly paced, action-packed novel is undeniably a page-turner of the highest order… A deeply allegorical and powerfully thought-provoking dystopian must-read." -- Kirkus Reviews

"The author captures the imagination of the reader." (Five stars) -- Readers Favorite

"Action, romance, and social commentary woven into a brilliant story." -- The American Chronicle

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